About Fritz

Elizabeth Fritz-Cottle (Fritz) is a grantwriter and licensed master social worker inspired by smart, flexible, mission-driven nonprofit organizations and programs. Fritz wants to know what makes organizations tick and how to keep them ticking. Fritz’ experience in the nonprofit sector is broad; she has worked in a variety of capacities for the criminal justice field, the social services sector, and the healthcare industry.

She can lead grant application processes easily, weaving superior communication skills, project management acumen, and attention to detail to produce high-scoring proposals. She relies on a broad network of nonprofit professionals to inform and educate her about constituents and regional concerns.

Fritz is successful – in eight years of grantwriting, she has raised millions of dollars on behalf of nearly a dozen Southeast Michigan nonprofits, including Federal grants. Her clientele includes organizations providing services to young children, working families, arts and culture centers, people affected by dementia, people with developmental disabilities, schools, immigrants and asylum seekers, teachers and educators, returning citizens, and children with cancer.

Fritz has a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Creighton University and a Master’s in Social Work from Wayne State University. She serves on the board of SPEC Associates and on the executive committee of the Michigan Nonprofit Association’s Southeast Michigan Public Policy Council.

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