About Us

Ethos Development Partners is a team of experienced consultants that assist organizations seeking to engage in transformative housing, commercial and community development initiatives.  Our values and expertise help ensure that clients achieve their development goals.

Our Clients

Below are some of the clients that we’ve worked with:

  • Neighborhood Service Organization
  • Coalition on Temporary Shelter
  • South Oakland Shelter
  • Cinnaire Solutions
  • Hope Network
  • Genesis Hope
  • Capital Impact Partners
  • El Camino Real Housing Authority (New Mexico)

Our Services

Development Consulting

The Ethos team will help clients conceptualize and implement the steps needed to be successful whether developing affordable housing, commercial projects or implementing high-impact community development initiatives. This includes working with the client, development team, community and government entities, and other stakeholders to ensure potential projects are feasible and can secure the necessary financing.

Project Financing

The Ethos team will leverage established relationships with government and private financing entities to determine all the options for successfully funding projects.  These financing options include:

  • Predevelopment funding
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • New Market Tax Credits
  • Historic Tax Credits
  • Federal HOME Funds
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • Historic Tax Credits
  • Environmental Grants and Incentives
  • Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy

Project Implementation

Ethos will work with clients to assemble a qualified development team and manage all aspects of the development process. Typically this team includes the following:

  1. Development Consultant (Ethos)
    2. Architect
    3. General Contractor
    4. Legal Counsel
    5. Environmental Consultant
    6. Accountant

As the work of developing a project does not end upon closing on financing, Ethos will work to ensure that all requirements are met for government and financing partners from construction through  lease-up.

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